Norway trade fairs are proud to welcome you to Evolve Arena 12 Mai 2020. Evolve Arena is a conference and expo who aims to be the most important arena for greener, smarter, and safer cities.

We are facing several major changes; globalization, urbanization, climate change, changed demographics and digitalization among others. The cities will play a key role in facing these changes in a way that safeguards wealth creation and the quality of life.

Evolve Arena is about solving these challenges by thinking holistically and using new insights and technology in a smart and sustainable way. In order to succeed, an arena for more cooperation and new expertise must exist. Therefore, we gather decision makers and innovators from businesses and public sector, and provide new insights, business opportunities and a chance to grow a network.

Our cities consist of systems that are closely linked and dependent on each other. Everything is connected to everything. That gives us lot of different factors which are important in creating sustainable societies. The mobile city, The Circular city and The Human city is the main focus for this year’s event.

World-class speakers dive deep into this year’s theme, and we want you to experience the latest first. Therefore, our expo is packed with unique innovations and ideas to tease your curiosity.

The one-stop-shop for everything in greener, smarter and safer cities.

Welcome to Evolve Arena 2020!


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