Day 1 Innovation: Innovating for humans

The key to creating successful innovations – whether it’s a new product, new service or communication – begins and ends with people. It is the process of thoroughly digging into human need to find solutions that meet or exceed people’s expectations. This discipline is often called Human-Centered Design, but it is more than just creating an effective and engaging customer experience – It is about making sure that every touchpoint is optimized to meet the expectations of the many people who are going to interact with the solution.

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 30 min – Christer Grønnslett & Christl Hager: “Practical Lean Innovation” 

Christer and Christl present their own concrete cases where Lean Innovation has been the main process tool/method.

 30 min – Njål Berge: “Norway’s best digital sports club”

Njål shows you how Storhamar Ishockey went from zero to hero by digitalizing the supporter experience before, during and after the games.


 2 hours workshop – Torbjørn Helland Solhaug, Ulrik Lie and Magne Hopp: “Service design, user engagement and innovative service development”

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Torbjørn, Ulrik and Magne facilitates a highly intensive and effective workshop that will give you an inspiring introduction to service design and how it can be used to solve complex problems in society.


About Bouvet

In Bouvet we see a higher purpose to digitalization, it’s a task for the common good, a task for both private and public sector to perform. And we´re going to do our part, that’s for sure!

In short, we seek to create value for each human and for the society we live in – through sound digital solutions in both commercial and public services.  We are doing it already! We work with big private and public Norwegian operators in important industries such as energy, health, transport, trade and production and contribute this way to a better, easier life for people.

We are 1350 employees, with a great width in competence, which enables us to approach every task in a multidisciplinary way. We analyse every challenge thoroughly, and choose tools, methods – and human resources – based upon this to ensure that we find the best solutions to each client, and each problem.

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