Our cities are under development. Relocation, reprogramming, new technology and a greater need for sustainable solutions require new ways of planning. The agenda is set on developing cities that care for the environment and are socially inclusive, yet still serve as economic and innovative hubs.

The idea is that technology and sharing of data can make communities more viable, improve living conditions for citizens, and help create a sustainable and resource-efficient future. In order to meet the major challenges and social changes related to, climate, aging and health, digitization and job creation, among other things, the public and the private sector are dependent on collaborating.

At Evolve Arena we make collaboration and co-creation between the public and private sector, research and citizens possible.

Does the public sector have the skills needed to handle such large and complex projects? Does the private sector really know what needs the public sector has? How can we use smart technology in the best possible way? Do smart solutions mean cities become more innovative, or is it the opposite? What gives inhabitants a better quality of life?

Built environment is one of this year’s topics, along with mobility and safe cities. Network with decision makers and innovators across industries. Meet, share and collaborate at Evolve Arena.

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