Manager, Department of Automation & User Monitoring

Institute for Energy Technology

Dr. Claire Taylor is head of the department of Automation and User Monitoring at the Institute for Energy Technology in Halden, Norway. Claire is also a senior research scientist and her primary research interests are human-automation interaction and optimization, human reliability and human performance analysis across multiple domains and industries such as automotive, nuclear, petroleum and aviation. Before moving to Norway, Claire worked for several years as a human factors specialist in the UK nuclear industry, providing human factors and human reliability analysis support to nuclear safety cases, as well as conducting human factors engineering assessments and providing input to event investigations at existing nuclear sites. Other domain experience includes the petroleum, maritime, rail, healthcare, and process industries. Claire has a background in root cause analysis and accident investigation methods, with a PhD in this subject from University College Dublin, Ireland.

TALK : Are we ready for our autonomous future?

Autonomous transportation systems are coming. The technologies that make these possible are advancing rapidly, but often without application of best practice human factors or user-centred design principles. This can result in technologies that are not user friendly and may even be unsafe in emergency situations. Regulators and transport safety authorities worldwide are far behind in the race to have adequate legislation and regulation, but transport manufacturers, vendors and consumers will not wait for authorities to catch up. We need more open human factors research on how these transport systems will actually be used, how people will interact with these advanced technologies, and what may happen if the technology fails.