Author, speaker and consultant at the nexus of architecture and bicycle transport

Dr. Steven Fleming leads global thinking on the bicycle’s influence upon architecture and urbanism. Among his 60+ publications are two seminal works on building for cycling: Cycle Space, Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle (NAi010, 2012) and Velotopia: The Production of CycleSpace in Our Minds and Our Cities (NAi010, 2017). His design propositions for bike-centric cities and buildings have been exhibited in museums and published in CityLab, FastCompany, ArchDaily, The Guardian, etc.. He is regularly engaged as a draw-card speaker to institutes of Architecture (New York, Rotterdam, Vancouver, Singapore, Sydney etc.) and major events (the launch of Europe by People, VeloCity, etc.). Clients include cities (eg. Singapore, Amsterdam & Bogota), agencies (eg. the International New Town Institute & the Shenzhen Centre for Design), corporations (eg. Shimano & Univa America) and property developers. Since 2001 he has held academic positions at the Universities of Canberra, Tasmania and Newcastle in Australia and Harvard and Columbia universities in the US and is a regular guest lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health. As a government architect in Singapore he designed and project managed 4 major developments including a total of 1810 dwelling units and designed a 2.4 hectare park, an early example of his life mission to design active environments.