In order to create an attractive and well-functioning society, a competitive business sector and environmentally cities, we are dependent on good and efficient mobility.

The transport and logistics sector are in the middle of a significant shift. In no other sector can we see it more clearly. Not only is the electric motor becoming more established while diesel engines are on their way out, but the sector is also full of new business models.

Leasing contracts are now replacing car sales. An ever-increasing amount of sharing solutions are emerging, along with new mobility services. Autonomous vehicles are being developed and stores are becoming more like showrooms as e-commerce continues to grow. Cities are attempting to be car-free, which as a result gives rise to all kinds of new developments.

If the business sector is to lead the way in the green, digital shift and take positions in international markets, it is also crucial that an arena for more cooperation and sharing of expertise exists. We believe that it is through collaboration and involvement that we create the best solutions for the future.

At Evolve Arena you will get an up-to-date picture of the mobility sector from leading industry experts and innovators. Evolve Arena will give you insights into everything from new technology and new services to how that affects and changes the cities we live in.

Mobility is one of this year’s topics, along with built environment and safe cities. Evolve Arena – the new must-attend conference within greener, smarter and safer cities.


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