Cities across the globe are growing in size and in terms of how connected they are. The security challenges the cities face, expand and intensify as their populations rise. This resulting in growing pressure on housing supply and services such as healthcare, transport, and water and power infrastructure. Are we equipped to handle this?

As the cities become smarter, they are becoming more exposed and more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As they make investments and adapt smart technology solutions it is important not to neglect the security. Protecting citizens from cyber threats is a key responsibility for municipal governments, and it is something city officials now need to plan against. In order to make this plan and to succeed, an arena for more cooperation and new expertise must exist. We give you Evolve Arena.

Is a smart city safe, or is it more vulnerable? What is more important; Protection of personal privacy, or the safety of citizens? Should the government have access to our personal lives if it provides for the greater good?

Safe city is one of this year’s topics, along with built environment and mobility. Get the insight and inspiration you need to create greener, smarter and safer cities and societies.


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