The Call for speakers is open! If you are interested in speaking at Evolve Arena 2020, please fill in the speaker application below.

Do you have a story to tell?

We are seeking engaging CityChangers with a unique perspective on how we develop the cities of our future. 

Mobility as a service, Zero-emission cities, New infrastructure, Autonomous future, Micromobility, Walkability, Public transportation, Bikes, Vehicles, Public procurement, Digital twins, Sensors, Batteries, Electrification, Renewable energy

Circular economy, Regenerative buildings, Naturebased solutions, Waste management, Energy efficiency, Repair, AM/3D printing, Upgrade, Refurbish, Reuse, Resale, Remanufacture, Maintenance, Renewable energy

Place making, City lightning, Public space, Air and water quality, Resilient cities, Privacy vs safety, Sharing-schemes, Co-living, Co-working, Multi-purpose space, Urban farming, Sky gardens, Underground farming

Are you passionate about developing smart and sustainable cities where people can thrive?

Are you working on a unique or challenging project in your city that others can learn from?

Are you developing new solutions or technology that could be implemented in our cities?

Do you have great ideas on how we shape our future cities?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of these questions, this is your opportunity to join other CityChangers and share your views and insights to an cross-industry audience

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