No matter where you live and in what stage of life you are in, the importance of food is inescapable. Trends, our changing lifestyles and the changing world around us affect our diets. One of these trends is greener and healthier. If we are to achieve the goal of a sustainable world, the authorities, organizations and the business community must work together for a smarter and better society.

The importance of food in a smarter society

Healthy and tasty food is now a mandatory requirement for both consumers and governments, and a prerequisite for good health. The food we buy and eat should healthy for both body and environment, preferably local and off course tasty.

The Norwegian government has announced a historic change of pace in climate policy. The way we live our lives, the food we eat, how we work, how we travel. Everything needs to change. The food industry, organizations and authorities must collaborate to make smart choices, that provide benefits to our health and the environment, easy to make.

How should our cities and societies develop in interaction with health and environment? What is the importance of food for a healthier, greener and happier society?


Foodscape was first arranged in 2018. Foodscape is a future-oriented arena for sustainable value creation in the food and beverage industry. With Foodscape as a partner, Food will be one of the main topics for Evolve Arena 2021.

As a theme partner at Evolve Arena, Foodscape will continue to prepare the food and beverage industry for the future and elevate food and food production to a societal perspective. This will be a competence hub and arena for inspiration, which stimulates innovation and collaboration across industries. Here you can learn more about how to integrate sustainability into your business model and work systematically with innovation and change.


A Danish architecture gem

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the co-founder of Third Nature, an architecture studio with 25 people based in Copenhagen. The office’s ambition is to bridge the gap between sustainable urban development and Nordic liveable architecture.

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Circular Economy

Meet up with the boss of the Norwegian waste industry

Did you know that paper recycling started in Norway as early as the 17th century? As former CEO of Avfall Norge for 7 years, there is nothing Nancy Strand is unwilling to do to find smarter, more efficient, engaging and new waste solutions. At Evolve Arena in April, she`ll give her audience a speech filled with clever words and examples of the interaction between man, environment and technology in circular cities.

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We cannot “just get rid of cars»!

Are you one of those people who doesn’t have any idea what Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) is all about? Not to worry – at Evolve Arena in April, Mario Schlechter from Siemens Mobility will steer you in the right direction!

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Urban Development

How to view public places as a dance floor

Want to meet Norway’s first urbanist? With his lecture about “Public places as a dance floor”, Mr. Erling Fossen gives his audience a great insight into why good urban development is important – and how politicians should build e.g. urban spaces, streets and squares so they become dance floors where we humans can dance our lives.

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Dream the impossible!

That’s what Ed Gillespie will encourage you to do when he talks about better and smarter societies at Evolve Arena in Lillestrøm April 2021. He uses humour to disarm people, challenge their assumptions playfully, point out and satirise the ridiculousness of many of the ways we do things and organise ourselves.

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