Creating a sustainable and smart society takes much more than technical solutions. We need to create humane and healthy environments where people can thrive. Technology serves as tools, but it is individuals who will change our societies moving forwards. 

Through talks, panel discussions, dialogues and interaction with participants  Evolve Arena will give you specific “takeaways” that will be handy when developing the cities of our future. 

Confirmed speakers

These amazing speakers are among those who are sharing their insights on the Future of Mobility at Evolve Arena. They where originally booked for Evolve Arena 2020, therefore some changes will occur. 

Leo Johnson

Head of PWC's Disruption Practice

and Business Author​

Erik SOlheim

Senior adviser at World

Resource Institute, CEO REVocean

Brent toderian

Practicioner & Thought-leader; advanced

urbanism, city planning & urban design

Sangbreeta Moitra

TEDx award-winning speaker,

«Hacking Human behaviour»

Monte königs

Expert on future

human behaviour

Ed gillespie

Environmental entrepreneur

Co-founder Global Goals Accelerator


bernhard lüschper

Head of

Smart Pole Factory, Innogy

Marquise stillwell

Founder and principal


Andrew Hoyne


United Nations Global Compact

Flemming Rafn

Co-founder and partner of


Erling Fossen


Oslo Metropolitan Area


Architect, Urbanist, Futurist

Founder of URBANIQ


Relevant articles


A Danish architecture gem

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the co-founder of Third Nature, an architecture studio with 25 people based in Copenhagen. The office’s ambition is to bridge the gap between sustainable urban development and Nordic liveable architecture.

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Public Spaces

How to view public places as a dance floor

Want to meet Norway’s first urbanist? With his lecture about “Public places as a dance floor”, Mr. Erling Fossen gives his audience a great insight into why good urban development is important – and how politicians should build e.g. urban spaces, streets and squares so they become dance floors where we humans can dance our lives.

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Dream the impossible!

That’s what Ed Gillespie will encourage you to do when he talks about better and smarter societies at Evolve Arena in Lillestrøm April 2021. He uses humour to disarm people, challenge their assumptions playfully, point out and satirise the ridiculousness of many of the ways we do things and organise ourselves.

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What if you could know everything about your citizens?

The idea that you can know very precisely what consumers or citizens desire, is every business person and urban developers dream. And getting the products and services you truly want, doesn’t sound that bad either. Imagine, that we would already measure every citizens move, desire and outcome. How would that shape our cities?

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Last year Geodata met with many different interesting people in the Evolve Arena expo area. The possibility to meet people from all sectors and learn from others are one of the reasons they are coming back to Evolve Arena 2020. Will you be joining them?

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Leo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother, to Norway

These days you might associate the name Johnson with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, on the topic of future cities, his younger brother Leo Johnson is an inspirational speaker and a renowned presenter on BBC’s radio program «Future Proofing».

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Public Spaces

The Human City – an inclusive and warm city

One of the most important things that characterizes The Human City, is that it`s inclusive towards its citizens. For instance, it’s critical that they’re asked for advice and are allowed to participate in decisions that will affect their everyday life.

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Public Spaces

The human city – where people can thrive

When we talk about The Human City, it`s four elements that keeps popping into mind. Public space, Placemaking, Inclusive cities and Safe cities. In this article, we present some hot examples concerning the first two linked up to safety. It just might give you something to think about.

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Head of PWC’s Disruption Practice and Business Author
What is the city of the Future? Is it the city of exponential technology, or is it the city for people?

As Head of PwC’s Disruption practice, Leo Johnson explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come. What – in the tsunami of exponential technology – is real and what is hype? More importantly, what will become the impact on business?

By pinpointing the trends and laying out both the risks and the opportunities for business and finance, Leo makes sense of sustainability. Listening to Leo’s talk at Evolve Arena you will get insights into how you as a business leader can succeed in this rapidly changing world. How can we confront the system-wide automation and instead use technology to find human talents?

Leo is a co-presenter at BBC Radio 4’s flagship series FutureProofing, and an occasional commentator for the Financial Times, New Statesman, Evening Standard and Wall Street Journal. He also co-authored the book “Turnaround Challenge: Business & the City of the Future”.

His presentation addresses questions regarding the future no forward-looking company can afford to ignore. Can you?


Norwegian Diplomat
and former politician

Environment, Climate and our Future Cities

Erik Solheim is a well known global leader on environment and development as well as an experienced peace negotiator.

He served as Norwegian minister of Environment and International Development from 2005-12. During that period he initiated the global program for conservation of rainforests. He brought Norwegian development assistance to 1%, the highest in the world. 

Erik has been chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (the main body of world donors) as well as Executive Director of UN Environment. Erik led the peace efforts in Sri Lanka as the main negotiator of the peace process and has played a vital role in peace efforts in Nepal , Myanmar and Sudan.

Currently he is senior adviser at World Resource Institute and Convener of the Global Coalition for Green Belt and Road, and serves as the CEO of the Plastic REVolution Foundation. The latter is a newly founded initiative that aims to eliminate plastic waste and pollution, beginning in Accra, Ghana.

Practicioner & Thought-leader;
advanced urbanism, city planning & urban design
How do we build sustainable, resilient, livable, healthy, vibrant and smart cities of the future?

With over 27 years of experience in advanced urbanism, city planning and urban design, Brent Toderian is an internationally respected and award-winning practitioner and thought-leader.

At Evolve Arena, Brent will draw upon his city building experience across the world to provide insights and inspiration on critical elements of doing density successfully and how we, through smart design, make active communities where people can thrive.

He has a reputation as a hands-on visionary and brought in new approaches for place-making, active transport, green design and architectural diversity while being Vancouver Canada’s Chief Planner. Now, Vancouver is consistently ranked among the world’s most livable cities, and known internationally as a “city by design”.


TEDx award-winning speaker,
«Hacking Human behaviour»​

How can you and your organization make an inpact on our future cities?

Chosen by VIVA Magazine as one of the most inspiring women in The Netherlands, Sangbreeta Moitra is a TEDx award-winning expert and thought leader on hacking human bahavior and mastering change. Enabling professionals and leaders to be relevant for the unpredictable future.

Working with top corporates as well as startups and scaleups, she has observed that even the best of ideas face the biggest resistance. Using powerful techniques based on cognitive neuroscience, leadership development, behavioural science, change & transformation, Sangbreeta’s talk will enable the changemakers in the audience to get into the mind of their toughest decision maker, understand why they think, choose, decide, behave the way they do and create an ‘offer’ that no one can refuse.

In other words; Sangbreeta will  bring sharp, eye-opening and powerful insights into how you and your organization can truly affect the development of our future cities. The tools you need to actually get things done.


Expert on future human behaviour​

What 21st century skills are essential for success in the future?

Monte Königs is born 1990 and a leading expert on future human behavior. As an urban sociologist Monte will give you the answers on how your company can be organized smarter for the future generations.

Monte looks at social structures, trends and behaviors and how they interact with our build environment. At Evolve Arena he will give you insights into important social trends that will shape our behavior in future cities.

Monte Königs works at Whetston Strategic Foresight. He is a trusted coach for top leaders and in 2017 he was nominated for Young Research Talent of the Year in the Netherlands.

Listening to Monte Königs will help you put your company in the right position for a smarter life in human cities.


Environmental entrepreneur and author​,
Co-founder Global Goals Accelerator​

- People make cities. We need to unleash their true potential to make them authentically brilliant.

Ed Gillespie is a seriously credible and experienced voice on a range of key future-focused issues; from ‘Big Data’, through the future of work and the impact of AI, robots and technology, to climate action.

His core talent is to take the complex, interconnected, interdependent nature of the many urgent challenges the world faces, from climate change to disruptive competition, and make common sense of them. He is renowned for his entertaining presentations laced with thoughtful insights, trends and humour.

Ed is the co-founder of the Global Goals Accelerator, a business programme aimed at delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. He was also the co-founder of Futerra, internationally renowned for its influential and award-winning work on some of the biggest corporate sustainability initiatives.

In addition he is a regular media contributor from the BBC to the Guardian.

Founder and principal
Putting People at the Center of Built Environments

Marquise Stillwell is a designer, entrepreneur, and activist. As the founder and principal of the design
studio Openbox, he created a human-centered company focusing on improving the lives of people in the communities its clients serve.

Marquise is passionate about the power of design, and has a boundless curiosity for life. You can find him riding his bike through the streets of Manhattan, doing his part to build a greener urban future.

By 2050, 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanized. With this, the green space of cities worldwide is threatened. Cities have become creative with how to reclaim it by finding innovative ways to reuse infrastructure. At Evolve Arena 2020 Marquise will address the questions; Who gets to shape the design of public spaces? Who is seen in these spaces?

Marquise also brings his passion for supporting diverse cultures and bringing about positive change to his many philanthropic and creative activities. For instance from serving as a board member for the Lowline Underground Park in New York.

Founder and Principal,
Hoine Marketing Agency
The essence of placemaking is about creating great experiences for people

Andrew Hoyne is the Founder and Principal of brand agency Hoyne, who are now considered global thought leaders on place branding and place making. Hoyne has won over 250 awards both national and internationally.

Andrew has been working in and around the property sector for the last 25 years, helping major Australian and international developers and Councils create recognisable landmarks across Australia and South East Asia. This, coupled with Andrew’s travels around the world, mean he has seen how the power of effective placemaking can completely transform communities.

Over the years, Andrew has developed a profound belief in the power of place and the categorical link between good placemaking and significantly higher profits (both economic and social). It’s a passion that has led him to produce The Place Economy, a series of resource books that presents thought-leadership on best practice placemaking from around the world


Co-founder and partner of
Tredje Natur

THIRD NATURE seeks to fuse building and biology into a third hybridized entity

Flemming, Co-founder and partner of TREDJE NATUR, will give an introduction to his key concepts that are driven by the notion that a coherent and optimized design creates the most powerful impact and sustainable solutions for the city as a whole, but also adds to the sensitivity to individual spaces, places and the people. A sensitivity that invites the users to a more informed and thus sustainable everyday life.

THIRD NATURE calls its approach nature-based responses to man-made problems. The architecture office explores the territory between plan, infrastructure, building and nature. This optimistic yet critical approach leads to innovative
proposals for new building typologies and urban natures, that are developed with a deep understanding of the city’s metabolism, as well as the pragmatics of the architectural gameplay and profession.

Through examples of THIRD NATURE’s work he will talk about how they put ambitions on sustainability, climate change and the UN’s 17 world goals into practice in their design.

Oslo Metropolitan Area
How to view public places as a dance floor

Erling Fossen is CEO of Oslo Metropolitan Arena (OMA) and known as Norways first “urbanist”. He is also a well a known author, debater and TV-personality, and has given lectures and led debates on urbanism, urban development and city planning throughout Norway for many years.

His lectures include a dashing sense of humour, wake up calls to the audience and practical examples that makes sense for most of us.

His special field is to make diagnoses on the general condition of cities and prescribe the right recipe for moving forward. At Evolve Arena he will give you a great insight into why good urban development is important – and how politicians should build e.g. urban spaces, streets and squares so they become dance floors where we humans can dance our lives.

– Technology alone is not a miracle cure. It’s how we apply the technology in the cities that is the key to success.

Architect, Urbanist, Futurist
Founder of URBANIQ
In 2019 she was chosen by #ShareOslo as urban ambassador for innovation in the Oslo region

Three decades as lead on large-scale urban masterplans in the Nordics for private investors and city municipalities has given Sissel Engblom an insight into what does and doesn’t work in order to succeed with designing attractive urban environments. By using an approach called UrbanEthics – based on human interaction in urban context she sees a gamechanger in understanding socially sustainable city development. 

In her talk at Evolve Arena 2020 she will explore human behavior by urban design, explain why gender and age are crucial factors to consider in the rise of Smart Cities and what themes private investors and city municipalities should focus on in order to create cities where people will thrive.

As a visionary architect she is passionate about exploring holistic human approaches that combine mobility, landscape and architectural design to achieve connected, safe and sustainable surroundings for a life well lived.

She has received international awards for her architectural designs and won several strategic commissions in major pilot areas for sustainable urbanism.

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