Today’s linear model of “take, make, consume, dispose” is reaching its physical limits. Being replaced by a circular economy; products and materials can be reused, repaired or recovered. This forces us to rethink how we do business and requires collaboration across industries.

At Evolve Arena, we gather professional enthusiasts to share knowledge on how we can best adapt to a circular economy

Confirmed speakers

These amazing speakers are among those who are sharing their insights on the Future of Mobility at Evolve Arena. They where originally booked for Evolve Arena 2020, therefore some changes will occur. 


Cynthia reynolds

Founder of

Circular Oslo - Circular Regions

Nancy Strand


Avfall Norge​





Chief Operating Officer,​



Steinar Hoen

Meeting Director

Oslo Bislett Games​



Managing director Energy Services,


Petter Jenssen

Petter Jenssen

Professor NMBU,

Project leader SiEUGreen

Øyvind Neslein _700x980

Øyvind Neslein


NielsTorp+ arkitekter


Kari Aina Eik

Secretary General, Organization for

International Economic Relations (OiER)


Head of Smart Cities and Communities,

Smart Innovation Norway

Photo: VisitOslo/Didrick Stenersen

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A Danish architecture gem

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the co-founder of Third Nature, an architecture studio with 25 people based in Copenhagen. The office’s ambition is to bridge the gap between sustainable urban development and Nordic liveable architecture.

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Circular Economy

Meet up with the boss of the Norwegian waste industry

Did you know that paper recycling started in Norway as early as the 17th century? As former CEO of Avfall Norge for 7 years, there is nothing Nancy Strand is unwilling to do to find smarter, more efficient, engaging and new waste solutions. At Evolve Arena in April, she`ll give her audience a speech filled with clever words and examples of the interaction between man, environment and technology in circular cities.

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Leo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother, to Norway

These days you might associate the name Johnson with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, on the topic of future cities, his younger brother Leo Johnson is an inspirational speaker and a renowned presenter on BBC’s radio program «Future Proofing».

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Circular Economy

A Circular City kickstart

Today’s linear use-and-throw model is a massive resource problem. It requires rethinking of everything we produce, build and use. The Evolve Arena conference on in April, focuses on what small and large measures can be implemented to make cities, buildings and people more sustainable.

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Circular Economy

Get a grip on The Circular City

Circularity is all about moving away from today’s linear use and throw mentality to a more sustainable way of living. At the Evolve Arena conference in Lillestrøm on May 12, 2020, you’ll get knowledge about how to make the crucial shift towards a circular city.

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CEO of Coreo

Acknowledged as one of Australia’s future leaders and appointed a 'Circular Economy Pioneer'

Ashleigh is widely recognised as a circular economy visionary, with the skills experience and
ability, to not only inform future strategy but to also lead the much-needed action required to transform our economy from linear to circular.

Ashleigh is the CEO of Coreo, a globally recognised company with projects in Australia, Chile, the United States, New Zealand and most recently Coreo has been invited to the United Nations General Assembly to discuss circular economy and the enablers required to accelerate the transition.

At Evolve Arena Ashleigh and Jaine are going to take you on the journey of how they are driving forward a circular economy in Australia from a street, to a Lab, to Australia’s largest local government.

In recognition of her bold leadership Ashleigh is one of only 44 people globally to be an appointed ‘Circular Economy Pioneer’, by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In addition to this, Ashleigh was the only Australian to be invited to speak at the 2019 World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki 2019.

Head of PWC’s Disruption Practice and Business Author
- Transitioning to a circular economy is all about the soft skills.

Jaine is a diversely skilled circular economy professional, and as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Coreo Jaine has led multinational corporations, governments and communities towards a circular economy.  

In 2017, alongside Ashleigh, Jaine successfully managed the complexities of enacting systems level change in Australia’s first circular economy proof of concept project (The Circular Experiment), applying circular economy principles at a precinct scale to prove the social, environmental and economic value of a circular economy. 

At Evolve Arena 2020 Jaine and Ashleigh are going to take you on the journey of how they are driving forward a circular economy in Australia from a street, to a Lab, to Australia’s largest local government.

Jaine is a storyteller at heart and understands that the best way to mobilise a community is to tell stories that engage, influence and evoke change. Jaine uses her advanced communication and human wrangling skills to bring about collective action towards a circular economy in disparate organisations, businesses and communities.

Head of Smart Cities and Communities,
Smart Innovation Norway
Why should we invest in Smart Water?

Thor Moen has more than 9 years of experience with the Smart Cities & Communities concept, both nationally and internationally. As Head of Smart Cities and Communities in Smart Innovation Norway, he is managing smart city-programs within water, mobility, buildings, energy, welfare and governance.

There is a tremendous potential to contribute to sustainable community development through smart water products and digital water services​. At Evolve Arena Thor will define the potential that municipalities, inhabitants and businesses will have by collecting water usage digitally.

In close collaboration with Norwegian municipalities and businesses he is working with digitalization, design thinking and end-user engagement. Thor is one of Norway’s representatives in Nordic Solutions for C40, a collaboration between the five Nordic countries, which gathers the best people and competence from the entire globe to find climate change mitigation in the largest cities in the world.

Previously, Thor has years of international experience from the renewable energy industry as CEO of Renergy Biogass AS, Director of Business Market in Fortum and Vice President of Customer Relations and Sales in Fortum.

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