Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen
Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

The making of a mobile city

Are you curious about how people's quality of life can be increased with new mobility solutions and mobility analyzes? The Evolve Arena conference at the Norwegian Trade Fair on May 12, 2020 provides a unique insight into solutions and opportunities in the mobility sector.

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Planning a future with seamless mobility

The Evolve Arena conference is a meeting place for experts, innovators and policy makers from both public and private businesses involved and interested in The Circular City, The Human City and The Mobile City. Today, everyone is talking about The Mobile City. Well, what is it?

People of today expect and need solutions that make their daily mobility simpler, more flexible, faster, more reliable and affordable. We want better roads, better trams, light rail and metro services for commuters and regional trains as well as long distance trains on high-speed lines. Cities and national economies, on the other hand, face the challenge of reducing the costs, space requirements, noise and CO2 emissions of transportation. The pressure on mobility providers and policymakers to meet these mobility and transportation needs is growing – by 2050 the urban population is expected to exceed 70%. In the face of these rising demands, the transport industry is now seeking solutions that will take existing transport infrastructure to the next level.

Learn about environmentally friendly travelling

A city with a modern infrastructure allows people to move cool, efficient and environmentally friendly from A to B. In some cases, we see gigantic projects, such as Hovinbyen in Oslo. This district has been planned in to detail, and the goal is to create a sustainable and climate-smart neighborhood where walking, cycling and public transport are the most preferred ways to travel. But what can be done in cities where infrastructure was nailed out decades ago and traffic jams are a daily challenge?

The need of good alternative transport options

For many travellers, the sense of freedom is tied to their own cars – where they often end up in traffic jams. To relieve the burden of traffic jams for everyone, it’s necessary to provide access to alternative, attractive transport options. In Sandefjord, private businesses have joined forces to investigate the possibilities to buy an autonomous ferry that will bring people from one side of the fjord to the other to reduce the traffic jam. Impossible? Not at all. In 2018, the Finnish shipping company Wärtsilä tested their concept on Nordled’s passenger ferry Folgefonn. The ferry sailed between three ports without interference from humans – the captain simply pushed the button “sail” and the journey began.

Get help by mobility analytics

With appealing digital services, cities can aim to achieve simple, efficient and flexible travel for everyone. From trip planning across passenger communication to mobile ticketing, payment solutions and mobility data analytics.

Have you ever heard of Mobility Analytics? This tool provides insight into people’s movement patterns based on data from e.g. telephone companies. Understanding how crowds of people move from hour to hour through the day, week and month is important when planning and utilizing public areas. At Evolve Arena conference on May the 12th, you’ll meet experts on mobility from different sectors, and also get a refreshing introduction to possibilities as well as challenges by acknowledged speakers.



Get a grip on The Circular City

Circularity is all about moving away from today’s linear use and throw mentality to a more sustainable way of living. At the Evolve Arena conference in Lillestrøm on May 12, 2020, you’ll get knowledge about how to make the crucial shift towards a circular city.

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How many patents did you hold at the age of 25?

As a Research Engineer at the Ford Motor Company, Victoria Schein (now 26) is developing innovative vehicle concepts and designing technology to keep drivers safe on the road. To date, she holds 40+ patent applications relating to many topics, such as driver-assist technologies, autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing, and mobility.

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A Circular City kickstart

Today’s linear use-and-throw model is a massive resource problem. It requires rethinking of everything we produce, build and use. The Evolve Arena conference on May 12, 2020, focuses on what small and large measures can be implemented to make cities, buildings and people more sustainable.

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The human city – where people can thrive

When we talk about The Human City, it`s four elements that keeps popping into mind. Public space, Placemaking, Inclusive cities and Safe cities. In this article, we present some hot examples concerning the first two linked up to safety. It just might give you something to think about.

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Spectacular ways to create Mobile Cities

By 2050 the urban population is expected to exceed 70%. What kind of challenges does your own city face? At the Evolve Arena conference at the Norwegian Trade Fair on May 12, 2020, you’ll get a pretty good grip on the future of city mobility.

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