We all talk about it. Smart mobility, smarter infrastructure and sustainability. An ever-increasing amount of sharing solutions are emerging, along with new mobility services.

At Evolve Arena, leading experts and innovators will give you an updated picture of the mobility sector. Together they will find the best solutions for transportation of people and goods seamlessly in the city.

Confirmed speakers

These amazing speakers are among those who are sharing their insights on the Future of Mobility at Evolve Arena the 12th of May. Stay tuned for more speakers to be announced.

Victoria Schein


Research engineer,

Ford Motors



Founding Executive Director,

United Nations Global Compact


mario schlechter

Head of Intelligent Traffic Systems

Norway, Siemens Mobility AS


Tomas E. Norlander

Research director


Relevant articles

How many patents did you hold at the age of 25?

As a Research Engineer at the Ford Motor Company, Victoria Schein (now 26) is developing innovative vehicle concepts and designing technology to keep drivers safe on the road. To date, she holds 40+ patent applications relating to many topics, such as driver-assist technologies, autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing, and mobility.

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Leo Johnson, Boris Johnson’s brother, to Norway

These days you might associate the name Johnson with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, on the topic of future cities, his younger brother Leo Johnson is an inspirational speaker and a renowned presenter on BBC’s radio program «Future Proofing».

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The Mobile City

Spectacular ways to create Mobile Cities

By 2050 the urban population is expected to exceed 70%. What kind of challenges does your own city face? At the Evolve Arena conference at the Norwegian Trade Fair on May 12, 2020, you’ll get a pretty good grip on the future of city mobility.

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The Mobile City

The making of a mobile city

Are you curious about how people’s quality of life can be increased with new mobility solutions and mobility analyzes? The Evolve Arena conference at the Norwegian Trade Fair on May 12, 2020 provides a unique insight into solutions and opportunities in the mobility sector.

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